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Custom Garments
At Leather Naturally we can make custom garments to your specifications. We can give you that hard to fit or one of a kind item.  We strive to make the garment your looking for in the leather you want.  Just as us we will be happy to make. We will work with you on the design every step of the way  Custom garments must have a 50% deposit before work begins.  For non local customer we will work with your information but please be aware that since we can not fit you during the building process we make no guarantees on fit.  We will do our best but we are only as good as the information you send to us.
Contact us for more information or with your idea for your one of a kind item.
216-228-7800  or email Leather Naturally
Here is some of the many items we have made
Custom Skirt
Custom Bomber Jacket
Custom Corset