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Leather Naturally is your source for your one of kind leather handbag. Stop paying so much for poor quality "designer" bags. This is your chance to own a one of a kind 100% real leather handbag. No two bags are the same.
Sure you can spend $300-$500 or more for a hand bag that was sown in some third world country by some poor woman or child getting paid pennies a day that upon closer inspection is poorly made and out of less than quality leather. Even worse you could buy one of the many knock offs out there that are made out of imitation leather or vinyl! YUCK!

"I've repaired many of the so called "designer" bags and I've seen the shabby workmanship and poor quality materials and I wouldn't give you two nickles for one of those bags" -JFK Leather Naturally

Our handbags are made out of 100% real leather of the highest quality. Our bags are all one of a kind because they are made to your specifications that is why no two bags are or can be the same. Our handbags are hand crafted right here in Lakewood, Ohio USA! Our bags are all hand sown for the best quality stitch known to man. Most bags are machine stitch and when the thread wears and breaks it comes apart, but if our thread breaks because of hand sewing it does not come apart!

We offer two styles of leather for our handbags. The first style is the "hard" leather style which is "saddle" type leather and allows us to tool images and designs into the leather. See our Gallery for examples of the many toolings we can do.

The other style is the "soft" leather style which is more like garment leather that gives a soft sided bag. See our Catalog for colors and selection of soft garment leather.

Size is not a problem. We will work with you to design the bag of your dreams.

For half the cost and twice the quality you can have your own "designer" bag.

Contact us by phone at 216-228-7800 or e-mail Leather Naturally
or stop in at
15303 Madison Ave, Lakewood, Ohio 44017 and we will happily make your one of a kind handbag!

Examples of soft side leather handbags:

Examples of hard side tooled handbags:
Contact us for you one of a kind Custom Made Handbag
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