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Leather Hides

Leather Naturally carries only the finest hides and leathers that we use in our custom projects!  Our goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with the finished product.  All leathers listed on this page are subject to availability.  Colors shown are for reference only. Since leather is a natural substance color may and will vary slightly from the reference color shown here.  If you are looking for something special or something not listed here please contact us since we have many sources available to us and can most likely meet your needs.  Please note that colors are not in stock and have to be ordered at time work is commissioned.  We do not provide color samples, please do not ask for any.  Please contact us for more information.  Call us at 216-228-7800 or email us at leathernaturally at gmail dot com


Tooling Sides Vegetable Tanned Leather

These hides are of an excellent temper that stamps, carves, and dyes well.  This hide is used for stamped and tooled items as well as items that have to retain a certain shape like gun holsters and knife sheaths and great for belts.


Vegetable tanned Latigo is a firm strap grade leather with a limited degree of stretch.  Latigo leather has exceptional strength and durability, which makes it ideal for utility straps, bags and any tough outdoor gear.  Also can be used for reins, stirrups, tie downs and other saddlery. 

 Black, White and Red











Sueded Splits

Durable yet soft, suede cowhide splits are great for chaps, aprons, saddle seats and moccasins.  Hides average 9 square feet.  May have occasional brands and holes. 3-4 oz weight. 

black, chocolate brown, rust, blue, red, tobacco, camel













Upholstery- Chap and Motorcycle Leather

Beautiful natural full grain hides that are wonderful for multitude of uses. These drum-dyed hides are perfect for upholstery; wests; chaps; skits; shorts and all motorcycle applications.  All hides are nicely buffed on sueded side to accommodate flesh-out uses.

BKL -black CHL - chocolate, BNL -brown, RUL -rust, BRL - bronze, SIL -sienna, TNL - Tan,  GOL - gold,  PAL - palomino, SAL - sand, YEL - yellow, LEL - lemon, CRL -cream, BOL -bone,  WHL - white, MAL- maroon,  ABL - antique burgundy, RAL -raspberry, CYL- cherry, NRL -new red,  SCL -scarlet, BEL- berry, ORL - orange,  NAL -navy, WBL waxy blue, RBL -royal blue, HBL- honda blue,  OCL - ocean blue,  SBL - scott blue, UBL - ultra blue, SKL-sky blue,  TUL -turquoise, JAL- jade,  FGL- forest green, KGL-kelly green, ITL- italian green,  EML - emerald green,  DGL -drk gray, LGL- lt gray, PUL -purple, MGL -magenta, LIL- lilac, PIL- pink, GRL-grape, YEN- neon yellow, PKN- neon pink,  ORN- neon orange,  GRN- neon green


Upholstery-Chap Colors:


Designer Delight

New Designer Colors now available.  These cow side hides are similar to our chap leather but in new pastel colors.  

FU-Fuschia, HP-Hot Pink, Tu-Tulip, LA-Lavender, SB-Sky blue, LI-Lime, Ki-Kiwi, FL-FLame, OR-Orange, BU-Butter
































Plonge Garment Leather

Plonge is cow hides that have been tanned to a lamb touch and feel.  

This light weight (1-2 oz) but strong and beautiful leather is great for garments such as pants, skirts, dresses and jackets. A full side of Plonge averages 20-28 square feet therefor you have less seaming and patching on your project.  Buttery soft!

WH-white, BE-beige, FT- french taupe, RU- rust, MA- mahogany, NB-navy blue, RB- royal blue, PU- purple, FG- forest green, FU- fuchsia, VI -violet,  TU-turquoise, PI- pink, TE-teal, GR- gray, RD- red, BU-burgundy, TO-tobacco, DI- distress, DB- dark brown, BK- black BR-Brown Pullup, BL Black Pullup  Note: Please order by both color number and by name. (04279-BK black)


Plonge Colors:

Pig Suede

Velvet Pigskin Suede is buttery soft, premium suede.  It is soft, supple and luxurious.  Light enough for year-round wear.  1.5-2 oz weight, wears like denim.  Machine washable.  Extraordinary quality. Hides average 12 square feet.

*MB-metallic blue,* MT-metallic turquoise,        *MV- metallic violet,  *MR-metallic red,  *MP- metallic pink, *MG-metallic gunmetal, *MO-metallic gold, *MS-metallic silver,

PW-patent white,  PR-patent red, PB-patent black, BN-napa black, WH-white, BE-beige, CA-camel,  DT-desert, BT-butter, TP-taupe, SA-saddle, CU-curry, LU-luggage, WT-wheat, TO-tobacco, CH-chestnut, CO-cognac, BN-brown, EX-expresso, BK-black, PI-pink, HP-Hot Pink,  FU-fuchsia, CL-coral, RD-red, BY-burgundy, EP-eggplant, PE-periwinkle, SB- sky blue, LA-lavender, PU-purple, TU-turquoise, TE-teal, JA-jade, OC-ocean, RB-royal blue,  EL-electric blue, NA-navy, LI- lime, LO-loden, EM-emerald green, MO-moss,  FG-forest green, DM-denim, LG-light gray, MA-madison gray, DG-dark gray, GO- gold.

Note: Please order by both color number and by name. (04160-BKL black)

* Metallic Colors are $4.99/sq ft and full hide must be purchased.


Pig Sude Colors:



Pigskin Lining

Our full grain pigskin lining leather is a pliable, durable, lightweight leather with a soft, smooth surface.  Use as a garment leather or lining leather. Bind books or mat picture frames.  Hides are 1.5-2 oz and average 15 square feet.



Durable hides averaging 8-12 square feet.  A heaver weight than lambskin but can be used for the same applications.

BK-black,  CH-chocolate, TO-tobacco, CR-cream,  AR-antique red



A wonderful leather that is perfect for wallets, personal leather goods, and some footwear applications. Comes with a glazed finish in 16 gorgeous colors. Average size is 6 square feet. Not soft glove leather.

40-black, 41-brown, 42-cognac, 43-buttercup, 44-sand, 45-navy, 46-electric blue, 47-turquoise, 48-forest green 49-kelly green, 50-orchid, 51-gray, 53-yellow, 54-bone, 55-white

Note: Please order by both color number and by name.

 (04K-40 black)

*Look at the chap leather color chart for equivalent to color.*


Garment Lambskin

Luxurious and buttery soft.  Excellent for making shirts, jackets, vests, handbags, and gloves.  Semi-aniline.  Hides average 7 square feet.  

WH-white BE-beige, BA banana, TP-taupe, TO-tobacco, DI-distressed, DB-dark brown, BK-black, PK-pink, FU-fuchsia, OR-orange, RD-red, RA-raspberry, BU-burgundy, EG-eggplant, LI-lilac, PB-powder blue, BB-baby blue, PU-purple, RB-royal blue, NB-navy blue, YE-yellow, MI-mint, LM-lime, JA-jade, TU-turquoise, TE-teal, OL-olive, FG-forest green, GR-gray

*PB-Pearlized Beige, *PG-Pearlized Gold, *PZ-Peralized Bronze, *PL-Pearlized Blue, *PS-Pearlized Silver, *PG-Peralized Gunmetal, *PM-Pearlized Midnight, *PP-Pearlized Pink

*SB-Snake Beige, *SG-Snake Gray, *BP-Black Perforated, *CBL-Croco Blue, *CBU-Croco Burgundy, *CMU-Croco Mustard, *CBR- Croco Brown, CBA-Croco Black.

Note: Please order by both color number and by name.  (0499275-BK black)

* Pearlized and Printed Lambskins are higher priced and due to market conditions price varies. Keep this in mind for your project.



Soft and durable deerskin is known for its distinctive delicate feel.  Hides average 8-12 square feet.  Deerskin being a game animal is subject to holes, blemishes and scaring.  Good for vest, jackets, skirts and pants.

CR-cream, BT-immitation braintan, PA-palomino, DU-dusk, GO-gold, BC-burnt cork, RU-rust, MA-mahogany, CH-chocolate, BK-black, RD-red, GR-gray, TU-turqoise, PU-purple, FG-forest green, RB-royal blue



This skin is beautiful and as soft as deerskin but gives you more hide to work with.  Average size is 18-25 square feet.  A little thicker and tougher than deerskin.  Great for chaps, moccasins, and other garments.

GOM-golden, TOM-tobacco, CRM-cream, CHM-chocolate, DUM-dusk, BKM-black, PAM-palomino, MAM-mahogony


Moose Leather

Moose leather is excellent for those projects that call for heavier leather and require a soft touch.  3-4 oz weight averaging 12 square feet.  A tough durable leather.

GOM-golden, TOM-tobacco, SOM-smoke, DCM-dark cream, SAD-saddle, CHM-chocolate, MAM-mahogany, BKM-black

Buffalo Leather (American Bison)

A strong yet soft leather that can be used for garments, chaps, luggage and personal goods.  Buffalo has an interesting and unique grain.  We can offer Buffalo in two weights. Light weight 3-3.5 oz for garments etc and Heavy weight 7-9 oz. for bags, moccasins, and upholstery.

PAL-palomino, TOB-tobacco, SAD-sand, CHM-chocolate, RED-redwood, BKM-black


Rabbit Skin

Rabbit Skins can be used for a variety of unique items such as purses, pouches and garments.  They can also be used to line gloves, collars and cuffs.  Perfect for accents under sculptures, jewelry displays and many more.

They come in White, Black, or Assorted natural colors.



These luxurious woolskins are ideal for auto seat covers and saddle seats.  Works well on motorcycle seats also.  3/4-1 inch pile and average 8-12 square feet. Skins are large and dense. Great for pet throws!

BA-bark tan, WH-white, BO-bone, BE-beige, BM-bamboo, BB-berber, CL-cloud, GR-gray, FL-flint, CH-charcoal, NA-navy blue, BU-burgundy, FG-forest green, IB-iron black, DB-dark blue, BK-black, CA-camel.


Sheepskin Lining

This 1/2 inch pile sheepskin is excellent for lining garments, slippers, and for various projects were a soft warm lining is needed.  Average 8-12 square feet.

790-black, 791-brown, 792-cream, 793-white



Convert yardage into Leather footage.

Leather is measured in square feet, but fabric is measured in yards.

The following converting factors are used to convert yardage into square feet:

36" wide fabric: 9

45" wider fabric: 11

54" wide fabric: 13


If your pattern calls for 3 yards of 45" wide fabric, multiply 3x11, then add 15% for cutting loss: 3X11=33sq ft, add 15%  or 5 sq ft:

33 +15%= 38 sq ft of leather.

We use this conversion to figure out how much leather will be needed for any given project such as making a custom skirt.