Spring, Summer, Fall 2020

Well since the Covid-19 has been keeping us at home I’ve been able to spend a little more time on my truck than I might have otherwise.  Somewhere along the way I did not get the pictures of the changes I made to the headlight buckets.  I did these back in 2018, but they didn’t get up onto the website or got lost along the way so let me post them here.  I modified the buckets to have a stock mill headlight ring and bucket.

I decided that I didn’t like the original plenum that GM made for their turbos and after some online research found that it is a big air restrictor so I decided that I don’t like the kits that are out there so I made my own. The base is 1/4 inch steel plate and the tube is 2 inch exhaust pipe left over from the crossover tube project.  









The next thing I found is that the stock HMMWV Alternator bracket would interfere with the placement of the drivers side fender.  The alternator would end up in the middle of the fender.  So, I started making a new one which moved the alternator up and closer to the motor.  










Now I needed to fit the power steering pump in the original spot that it went on the CUCV motor or would be on the HMMWV motor. Some modification to my original design was needed.  









I then purchased the proper military pullies for the motor including the power steering pump and the alternator.  After a few more modifications this is the alternator bracket and power steering pump mounting system.  This clears the fender, the inner fender, the hood, and the hoses.









I discovered that with the motor in place the passengers side exhaust manifold is just slightly in the way of the shock mount.  A little modification to the shock mount and the problem was solved. 









In all this I also discovered that the cab was not quite in the right spot and therefor what I thought was a wonderful fit for the crossover pipe I had come to find out is going to bump into the cab in two little spots.  The one spot is so small it just needed a little trimming on the inside of the fire wall can’t even tell it’s been altered.  But the other spot is on the transmission tunnel mounting point requiring a little modification.   









I decided to make the transmission tunnel cover as a fiberglass unit to save a little weight and to be more inline with the modification that are found on the M35A3 or what would have been on the M37B3 project.  I started mocking the cover up in thin plywood that will be used as mold for the fiberglass cover.  I will also incorporate a steel plate into the top of the cover so that the transmission and transfer case levers will have something solid to sit on and bolt on to.  









Stay tuned for more as this project continues.

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